Herz Lawyers
Third Party Compliance Standards 



Herz Lawyers provides a wide range of legal services to companies and individuals. We strive to deliver our services at the highest level, adhering to the provisions of EU and Dutch legislation and professional legal standards (hereinafter referred to as the “Standards”). We specialize in providing legal services not only to Dutch firms and private clients but also to expats and foreign clients whose aim is to conduct business and establish transparent and long-term partnerships with Dutch firms. For this reason, we pay special attention to communication with various third parties, to whom we also hold similar high Standards.


We expect that in cooperation and work, third parties also comply with the following terms, as well as have internal company policies contributing to the overall achievement of fair and transparent business. If specified in the contract, then the Standards regarding the following are an integral and essential part of the contract.


  • Confidentiality 


Herz Lawyers is a law firm, and as such, we are obligated to adhere to the principle of confidentiality in our work. Herz Lawyers maintains a respectful attitude towards the information of clients and employees.


For this reason, we expect a similar approach from you, ensuring that you handle any information regarding Herz Lawyers, its employees, and clients with confidentiality. To ensure this, we request that you establish and adhere to protective provisions and safeguards to maintain the confidentiality of information. We may also require you to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) if necessary.

  • Data Protection and Privacy 


Herz Lawyers complies with its obligations as a data controller and/or regulated entity under the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), the Dutch version of the GDPR brought into force by the Data Protection Implementation Act (Uitvoeringswet Algemene Verordening gegevensbescherming) (“UAVG”) 2018.


We expect you to be aware of the GDPR rules and to comply with them, ensuring that you do not take any actions that could impede Herz Lawyers and/or our clients from fulfilling their obligations under the applicable provisions of the GDPR.

  • Information Security 


Herz Lawyers is committed to maintaining the highest standards of information security when processing information about our clients, employees, and our own information.


We expect you to have your own information security policy in place and to have established and developed technical and organizational solutions to protect the information entrusted to you. We may request to review your information security policy.

  • Anti-Bribery and Corruption 


Herz Lawyers is committed to preventing bribery and corruption. We adhere to anti-corruption legislation aimed at preventing bribery in any form. Therefore, it is important for us to interact with third parties who recognize the importance of preventing bribery and corruption. We expect you to also comply with anti-corruption legislation.


Herz Lawyers’ policy explicitly prohibits transactions with unlawful purposes, including obtaining unlawful commercial advantages and making payments for such transactions. We expect you to act in the interests of preventing conflicts or disclosing any conflicts that arise to prevent them.

  • Sanctions Compliance 


Herz Lawyers adheres to a policy of compliance with all applicable sanctions laws and regulations. We expect you to do the same. Your actions and/or omissions should not result in a violation of applicable sanctions laws and regulations. You are required to notify us if any restrictive measures (sanctions) are applied to you, or if you are, or will be, under any form of control (including ownership) of a person subject to restrictive measures (sanctions).

  • Tax Evasion 


Herz Lawyers complies with applicable tax legislation. We expect you to do the same. We expect you to have internal control systems and measures in place to prevent tax compliance violations.


Herz Lawyers cautions that if you are found engaging in tax evasion practices and/or any other form of financial crime, we will report it to the relevant authorities.

  • Modern Slavery 


Herz Lawyers condemns modern slavery, illegal exploitation of individuals, and forced child labor. As Herz Lawyers provides services related to migration and labor law, we require you to comply with fundamental human rights and freedoms, including those outlined in the provisions of the Child Labor Identification Act (Wet zorgplicht kinderarbeid) (“WZK”) 2019.


We expect you to consider the requirements of applicable legislation and to assess your own supply chain to identify risks related to slavery and human trafficking. We expect you to give due attention to this issue.


  • Diversity and Inclusion 


Herz Lawyers adheres to principles of diversity and inclusivity. We do not tolerate any forms of discrimination, bullying, harassment, or inappropriate behavior.


We expect you to share this social commitment, valuing all forms of diversity and treating all individuals, including Herz Lawyers’ employees, your own clients, and employees, with respect and dignity.

  • Workplace Health & Safety 


We expect you to fully comply with your obligations under applicable workplace safety legislation and standards.

  • Labour Laws 


Herz Lawyers expects you to provide us, upon request, with the necessary documents related to the company’s right to act as an employer or service recipient. Upon our request, we expect you to provide all necessary information for entering into a service contract.


Herz Lawyers expects you to pay fair wages and compensate workers for expenses in accordance with applicable labor legislation, including requirements for minimum wage, compensation for overtime work, and payment of all entitled benefits to employees.

  • Competition


Herz Lawyers adheres to competition legislation and expects you to also uphold the commitment to a fair competitive environment. Therefore, you should not, in any way, provide us with information about markets, key services, costs, or the decision-making process of our competitors. 

  • Regulatory Compliance 


Herz Lawyers expects you to acknowledge that we adhere to the regulatory provisions of the European Union and the legislation of the Netherlands. The nature and character of these legal requirements may differ from your jurisdiction, potentially affecting our relationship with you.


As competent governmental authorities influence our operations, we expect you to provide, upon request by regulators, all necessary requested information.