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The history of Herz Lawyers reflects a clear and ambitious understanding of why foreign clients need excellent legal services in the Netherlands.

For many years, representing the interests of individuals, medium, and large businesses aiming to develop their products in the Netherlands has instilled in our firm’s lawyers a strong belief in the importance of understanding and studying Dutch national law at a high professional level.

Herz Lawyers was founded in 2020 by Oxana Brizmer, the founding partner. Despite already having extensive legal experience in various jurisdictions over the years, Oxana Brizmer successfully completed her studies in Dutch at Leiden University in the field of “Jurisprudence” to further confirm her expertise and qualifications.

Studying law and implementing it in practical results in various languages (including Dutch and English) ensures accurate and effective legal services for our clients from the very first day of Herz Lawyers’ establishment.

We see our uniqueness not only in our confident knowledge and understanding of the law but also in our ability to offer clients innovative solutions, which we often share in the “News” and “Insights” sections.

Herz Lawyers now provides a wide range of legal services for foreign and domestic companies and individuals whose goal is to conduct business in the Netherlands and establish transparent and long-term partnerships.

The firm’s office is located in Utrecht. The office operates and evolves based on the boutique law firm model. This means that for us, quality, not quantity, of services forms the foundation of long-term cooperation with clients.

Why is Herz Lawyers a Confident and Clear Choice for Your Business Legal Support in the Netherlands?

Herz Lawyers is recognized by many clients as a trusted and expert law firm. We understand our limits and capabilities, confidently working within them to achieve the highest quality of legal services.

We always work closely with our clients to support your innovative business vision, protect your business interests, and ensure your growth.

We strive to identify and explain potential risks to our clients before they become actual problems.

The Herz Lawyers team has proven qualifications, a fresh perspective on business processes, and offers solutions by combining years of experience with a realistic market vision.

Herz Lawyers always aims to become a local and reliable partner for clients in the Netherlands.

Our future

Our priority is to develop and provide high-quality legal services for medium and large businesses in the Netherlands, comparable to those offered by large international law firms.

We strive to establish a confident presence for our clients in the Dutch market by providing comprehensive “turnkey” business support.

We are committed to personal growth, contributing to business development every day.

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