Project Finance is a new area of legal practice for Herz Lawyers.

Together with our partners and trusted financial experts, we strive to gradually and consistently help small and medium-sized businesses engage in attractive large-scale infrastructure projects and green energy projects in the Netherlands.

By doing so, small and medium-sized businesses can gain access to local participation in major projects, along with economic benefits. Clients acquire the necessary experience and industry understanding for further business development.

Project Finance is a complex and priority task for us, as we see a demand from clients for scaling up and making smart investments, especially in priority areas related to the transition to a low-carbon economy.

We work closely with our clients in this area and assist with: i) identifying and analyzing potential infrastructure projects for participation, ii) coordinating relationships with potential public and private investors, iii) participating in negotiations with third parties, iv) prepare draft letters of intent and agreements for the creation of SPVs.

We view project financing as an opportunity for our clients.