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Herz Lawyers offers a wide range of legal support to foreign companies and individuals aiming to conduct business in the Netherlands and establish transparent and long-term partnerships. Drawing on our experience in business legal assistance projects, we have outlined in detail the vision of potential teamwork for individual tasks or on a monthly (subscription) basis. 

The success of our business support is attributed to our multidisciplinary approach, where we address legal matters comprehensively rather than dividing them. This service is particularly popular among clients aiming to reestablish or enter the Dutch market, especially post-COVID disruptions and corporate restructuring. Our advantage lies in the ability to engage external experts (marketing, audit, finance, translators, notaries.

Our main service, Navigating Business, stands as a testament to our long-term expertise and dedication. With this scope of legal services, we assist our clients in navigating a very large number of legal complexities, ensuring the successful business landscape.

  1. Establish Your Presence in the Netherlands

For foreign companies considering the vibrant market, establishing a presence in the Netherlands offers numerous opportunities. Whether it’s setting up a representative office or a company, foreign entities have the flexibility to operate through their existing legal structures without necessarily converting them into Dutch entities. However, it’s crucial to navigate the landscape of international and Dutch laws and regulations.

Key Legal Points:

Flexible Establishment2024-07-03T11:07:50+01:00

Flexible Establishment: Foreign companies can hit the ground running by setting up representative offices or establishments in the Netherlands, leveraging their existing legal entities.

Legal Compliance2024-07-03T11:10:23+01:00

Legal Compliance Made Simple: Our skilled legal team will navigate the applicable international and Dutch laws for you, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Registration Terms2024-07-03T11:11:53+01:00

Registration Terms: All foreign companies with establishments in the Netherlands must register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. This ensures transparency and accountability within the Dutch business environment.

2. Why Choose the Netherlands?

The Netherlands stands out as an attractive destination for global businesses and investors. Its open and international outlook, combined with a highly skilled workforce and strategic location, make it a prime choice for growth and development.

Business Climate2024-07-03T11:23:12+01:00

Favorable Business Climate: The Netherlands boasts one of the most open economies globally, providing a competitive business climate conducive to growth and innovation.

Tax Incentives2024-07-03T11:24:46+01:00

Tax Incentives: The Dutch tax system offers various incentives aimed at fostering innovation and business activities, making it an appealing destination for international businesses.


Technological Infrastructure: With cutting-edge technological infrastructure and the largest port in Europe, the Netherlands offers unparalleled access to markets and logistics.

Talent Hub2024-07-03T11:27:50+01:00

Talent Hub: As a magnet for talent, the Netherlands attracts a pool of highly educated foreign workers, facilitating diverse and dynamic workplaces.

3. Navigating Business with Us

At Herz Lawyers, The success of our business assistance is attributed to our multidisciplinary approach, where we address legal matters comprehensively rather than dividing them (drafting of necessary documents, corporate support, tax consultancy, licensing of activities, and other assistance for large and medium-sized businesses.) You can read about legal services for specific areas included in the “Navigating Business” service: Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Law, Cybersecurity and Data Protection, Commercial Law, Employment Law, Intellectual Property, Taxation, Real Estate and Construction, Project Finance, Dispute Resolution. 

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