We have been advising clients on employment law in the Netherlands since the firm’s inception. Expertise in employment law is a distinct advantage of Herz Lawyers, as understanding regional requirements, business specifics, and employee relations is crucial in HR matters. Therefore, employment issues extend far beyond merely knowing the law.

At Herz Lawyers, we view employment law consulting as fostering confidence and trust in a constantly uncertain environment, balancing the interests of both employers and employees. For instance, challenges following COVID-19 have altered regional approaches, including in the Netherlands, to work schedules and the balance between work and personal time. Additionally, the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace has become a frequent issue, with questions about its integration into current employee functions.


Many EU countries, including the Netherlands, are increasingly focusing on encouraging employers to enter into permanent and long-term employment agreements without probation periods to support the recovery of certain economic sectors. Our team of lawyers will provide competent and high-quality guidance on a wide range of employment issues.

ny formation to the expansion phase of a major holding.

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