Your digital security. Your personal data protection

At Herz Lawyers, we understand security and data protection not just as the adoption of existing policies in the form of a myriad of documents, but as a real and proactive approach to what cybersecurity and personal data protection truly entail.

For this reason, we help clients find a balance between significant and well-thought-out investments in data protection technologies and organizational measures sufficient for a realistic approach to meeting legislative requirements and practical goals.

At Herz Lawyers, we offer legal solutions for small and medium-sized companies and, if necessary, involve additional technical consultants to address urgent issues of large companies.

We observe a trend of private claims for damages related to the improper use of data, so the scope of companies’ liability is becoming much broader than potential regulatory risks.

The peculiarity of working with data is a proactive approach, a risk planning approach, which is seen in the duty to obtain prior consent or to send a notice about the processing of personal data.

We are happy to assist in identifying risks, implying effective protection measures, the specifics of the client’s local or cross-border business, and the number of employees to determine the best possible solutions

Cybersecurity and Data Protection Compliance Services: